Allie Mackay is the alter ego of Sue-Ellen Welfonder, a USA Today Bestselling author
who writes Scottish medieval romances.


Allie Mackay’s bio could easily mirror Sue-Ellen’s.  But as Allie writes modern-day American heroines falling in love with medieval Highlanders, a few differences exist.  Allie’s own adventures in Scotland fuel her stories, so her characters’ experiences are often her own.  Such as her love-hate relationship with left-driving and thread-thin Highland roads.

Allie also trys to convince Sue-Ellen that they need a third ‘alter-ego.’  Someone to do all the work, so that the two of them can run away to Scotland, never looking back.

As you can see, Allie has a sense of humor.  If you want a meatier bio, read Sue-Ellen’s by clicking here.

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