Extras for Writers

Writers write.

If this is your dream ~ do not give up. We’ll never know how many wonderful books we will never be able to read because someone somewhere gave up too soon.


The following quotes are my own and reflect my personal thoughts on the whole scope of ‘being a writer.’


 Just remember, the best writing advice is to sit down and do it.


Good luck to you!

All my best wishes

Sue-Ellen Welfonder / Allie Mackay


Welfonder on Writing…


On a Writer’s Heart:


Voice is the writer’s soul on the page.


Scratch a writer and you'll find someone yearning to be somewhere else, or in another time.


If story doesn’t touch the writer’s heart, the ink will be cold on the page.


Writers are too sensitive. Yet if we weren’t, the stories would lack heart.


There’s a fine line between where characters begin and authors end. Sometimes the line is blurred. Now and then it’s nonexistent.


Bookshelves reveal a reader’s heart. Books reflect an author’s soul.


A writer in total immersion mode is a dangerous beast. You have been warned.


On the Nitty-Gritty of Writing 


Assuming a writer has talent, three things are needed for success: hard work, perseverance, passion.


When all is said and done, it’s just you, your imagination, and the pen in your hand.


Any story will work - even one about giraffes taking a spaceship to Mars and settling there - if the writer makes it real.


A writer's office is magically skilled - it disappears when we start writing and reappears when we’re done.


Books are written word by word, day by day, till you’re done.  (It also helps to keep your office soundproofed and barricaded)


It’s said to ‘protect the book.’ I say ‘hold on to wonder.’ Long as you see writing as magic, so will readers find magic in your stories.


More important than anything else is to simply tell a good story.



More quotes to come… perhaps a snarky section on editors, critics, rejection, and other pesky bits of ‘being a writer.’


PS: Feel free to share my quotes, but please credit me if you do. Thanks!