Haunted Warrior

It's like a completely NEW BOOK Haunted Warrior has been re-released and completely revised from cover to cover!

Kendra Chase earns her living as a ghost whisperer. Cajoling disgruntled discarnates isn’t easy, so she’s been looking forward to a break in Edinburgh. But before she can even tour the castle or try haggis, an unexpected assignment sends her to Scotland’s rugged north coast. The tiny fishing village of Pennard is being excavated for a historical restoration project, and the living locals aren’t the only ones upset by the plans: Supernatural protests have been reported.
No one knows better than Graeme MacGrath that his seaside village is more than North Sea nostalgia, peat smoke, and plaid. Bound by a centuries-old legacy to keep the region’s peace, MacGrath is the fiercest opponent to the development project. The renovation work has disrupted the protective veil that shields this world from the ancient, half-mythic past. And
though he doesn’t have time for dallying with fetching American
tourists, when Kendra arrives, desire flares between them. They
soon join forces to save Pennard, but can they stop themselves
from the one thing they can’t risk – falling in love?

A Very Special Message from Sue-Ellen/Allie on Haunted Warrior
If you read Haunted Warrior when the book originally released (Penguin/NAL 2012), you may notice that the new blurb has a lighter tone.
So does the entire story.
I've rewritten the book, keeping the basic plot, but telling it in the style and voice I always intended: light, with a touch of humor, and the Highland magic that readers love and expect in my Allie Mackay titles.
When Haunted Warrior first released, the publisher wanted a dark book. Dark was 'in' at the time - very dark. It didn't matter that 'dark' wasn't my style.
As is the way of New York publishing, the editor had final say - I had to revise/rewrite the book five times to make it dark enough to meet the publisher's wishes. Even then, the editor added her own wording, making it darker still. All humor was edited out, along with the Highland magic that I so enjoy weaving into my stories.
Blessedly, the atmosphere of the lovely setting was left alone. Likewise the hero's dog, Jock, was allowed to remain as I wrote and wanted him: a wonderful character throughout the book. Otherwise, Haunted Warrior was written against my natural writing voice, and released in a style that simply wasn't me.
Now, I have reclaimed my book.
The version now available is written in my voice alone. The story is all mine, the tone is light, there is humor and Highland magic, and even a certain much-loved crone Devorgilla has now found her way to Pennard, the quaint fishing village where the story unfolds.
If you read the original version of Haunted Warrior, I hope you will give this new edition a read, too.
If you haven't yet read the book, I am so happy you can now enjoy the story as I always meant it to be told.
Special and heartfelt thanks to my dear friends Leah Weller and Kathy Garuti who stood by me as I worked through the book, lifting out the darkness and inserting the light, page by page, chapter by chapter.
Ladies, I love you and appreciate your input so very much!
Haunted Warrior's gorgeous new cover was designed by the super-talented Jennifer Johnson of Sapphire Designs.
Fun Fact: The fishing village on the cover is the book's actual setting. Most fun of all, I took the picture myself, which makes the cover all the more special.
Everyone else, I hope you'll grab a copy and let yourself be swept away to Pennard, one of my all-time favorite corners of Scotland.
Wishing you Highland Magic!

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