The Kiss at Midnight


A lighthearted and magical Scottish Romance by USA Today bestselling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder


The Kiss at Midnight is a lighthearted and magical Scottish Regency-set Romance about a champion of lost who causes faces his greatest challenge when he meets an elusive beauty he’d rather kiss than rescue. Readers entering this book’s pages will find enchantment, humor and Highland magic, a lovable beastie or two, and a sigh-worthy Happy Ever After.



A Highlander to the Rescue Romance

Sometimes dreams do come true…

Highlander Greyson Merrick no longer sails the seas, his past behind him as he seeks a new life in Aberdeen. But tragedy casts a long shadow and starting over isn’t easy when haunted by guilt. Honor keeps him from pursuing romance – he only hopes to live quietly, alone, and in peace. He is content, and that’s enough. But he soon wants more when a late night stroll ends with a searing kiss – and a woman who disappears with his heart.

Ophelia Raines is little more than a servant in her aunt’s home and knows better than most that fairytales aren’t real. She isn’t a fair maiden in an ivy-grown tower and she stopped believing in princes long ago – when she foolishly gave her heart, and innocence, to a frog. But when a midnight jaunt lands her in the arms of a dashing stranger, she wonders if happy-ever-afters do exist? Better yet, the magic of falling in love.




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“A warm, enchanting story … impossible to put down.” ~ Amazon Reviewer


“LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! this book. Had all the important things in it that are a must for me: Highlander men with kilts, damsels in distress, animals, and ‘DEV’ and her red plaid shoe laces!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

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Hearts always know...


Something about him drew her. He stirred long-cold hopes she did not want to kindle. She’d enjoyed his kiss, losing herself to its magic. And that only angered her.

“You are a beast.” She took another backward step. “A rogue.

Encountering you was my punishment, the cost of my daring.”

“Och, nae, sweetness.” He shook his head. “A kiss at midnight can ne’er be that. A blessing, it was. A gift from the gods.”

“The gods were damning me.” She was sure. “Or maybe they were laughing? Looking for amusement on a night all know belongs to them and not mortal fools.”

He came closer, the sea wind ruffling his hair. “I am the fool, lady - if I let you go.”



Mini (Devorgilla) Excerpt II ~ THE KISS AT MIDNIGHT


Herself and no other...


Greyson leveled a fierce look on the crone.

The far-famed Devorgilla of Doon.

Whoever heard of anyone escaping her clutches? He couldn’t recall a soul. She was legend, as mythical as mist on the hills. Yet she stood before him, real as the rain pelting the windows.

Greyson’s gut tightened, warning him to show her the door, and then bolt it.

He almost choked, sure a locked door wouldn’t stop her.

And so he took his first step toward the abyss. “What is this about?”

As he’d known she would, Devorgilla smiled.