The Seventh Sister

*The Seventh Sister is an E-Novella*

A story of love, legend, and magic…

In The Seventh Sister, down-on-her-luck American artist Maggie Gleason returns to Ireland, hoping to put old hurts behind her. Instead, revisiting the fishing village that enchanted her twelve years before only reopens wounds – until the unexpected appearance of roguish pub owner Conall Flanagan proves that the Ancient Isle is a magical place where anything can happen and true love always stands the test of time.



***The Seventh Sister originally appeared in the Mammoth Book of Irish Romance

/ 2010 / Running Press.***

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Conall was a fool to grieve for her. 

They’d shared the same path for only two weeks. 

Yet those fourteen days had felt like a thousand years. When he’d followed her up the hill and she’d whirled to face him, it wasn’t like a first meeting. It was recognition. As if their souls had run together forever and had found each other again at last.

They’d been so perfectly suited.

And he’d let her go.

"Few writers can bring history to life like Sue-Ellen Welfonder! 

Heather Graham, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author