Wedding for a Knight

Your presence is requested for the marriage of…

A Highland Bride

Centuries ago, the bride of Reginald of the Victories took her life. The stones of their home Coldstone Castle iced over, ill fortune plagued the clan and everyone knew the chief’s dead bride had cursed them. However, they believed that as long as the clan’s fleet sailed the seas, the curse would not consume them. But now, the fleet has been destroyed and the clan has lost its wealth and power.

After years on the tournament circuit and warring, Sir Magnus MacKinnon heads home with enough wealth to rebuild his clan. But he is robbed of his silver. Defeated, he arrives at Coldstone Castle penniless to find his wily father has married him by proxy, and is already spending his wife’s dowry.                                                                             

Magnus is honor bound to bed his new bride, but he refuses to spend any more of her money. If necessary, he’ll return to the tournament circuit and win another fortune. However, Lady Amicia proves a greater opponent than any he’s ever faced on the battlefield.  She’s after his heart, and her weapon is scorching passion. But before she can win his love, she must find the saboteur who wants to kill her and keep the curse alive.

Note from SE: Wedding for a Knight is a USA Today bestselling title, an RT TOP PICK, and received an RT K.I.S.S. Hero Award. Now the book has a stunning new cover, has been re-written, re-edited, and has lots of fresh never-before-seen material.  

"A very romantic story...extremely sexy."

~ The Best Reviews


On the battlements…


He stood just outside of the arch of the tower doorway. But he came forward now, crossing the wall-walk with long strides. Her heart stuttered at the sight of him. He’d bathed, and his damp hair gleamed in the moonlight while the wind lifted the lower edges of his clean, newly-donned plaid.

Most unnerving of all, the wind carried his scent, teasing her with tantalizing hints of leather, peat smoke, and the spicy-smelling soap he’d used. Traces of the cold night air clung to him as well, and a touch of earthy maleness.

“Lady.” He stopped before her, surprising her when he reached out to smooth her hair back from her cheek.

“A good eve to you.” She met his gaze, feeling his touch clear to her toes. “I am pleased you came to join me.”

In truth, she was more than that…

She wanted him to kiss her.

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Wedding for a Knight is a USA Today Bestseller!


“TOP PICK! You couldn’t ask for a more joyous, loving, smile-inducing read… Wedding for a Knight will win your heart!” ~ Romantic Times Magazine


“Anyone enamored with things Scottish will not want to miss this romance. Escape to the Highlands and fall in love. ~ Romance Reviews Today - Sandra Brill

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Charming ... a treat! A brooding hero, a strong-willed, wonderful heroine, a touch of magic and humor ... I definitely recommend it ~  A Romance Review - Mireya

History and beautiful details of Scotland. Romance, spunk, and mystery. A must read! ~ Rendevous - SSM

“Romance, passion, mystery, and a touch of the paranormal ... Welfonder has once more given us a story to love.” ~ The Romance Reader's Connection - Wendy Keel

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